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Dernière PROLONGATION des tarifs officiels BRUSSELS BOOKING DESK Mercredi 8 septembre 2015


Chères Vous Toutes, Chers Vous Tous,
Chers Participants à notre futur Gerda 2015,


Plus de 10 ans que le cours du Gerda n'a plus eu lieu à Bruxelles ! En effet, c'est en 2001 que « l'hexagone » avait ouvert ses portes vers la capitale de la Belgique et de l'Europe…


Si la Baule (où s'est déroulé le 35e cours) se targuait d'être la plus belle plage d'Europe, Bruxelles est fière de vous offrir la plus belle Grand-Place d'Europe pour le 36e cours !
Sur l'affiche du cours vous apercevez quelques autres monuments célèbres de cette ville prestigieuse où nous vous recommandons fortement de passer un jour ou deux, avant ou après le cours pour aller les admirer.


Ce cours se déroulera au Brussels Meeting Centre (Le Square), situé en plein cœur de la ville, dans le quartier culturel du Mont des Arts et à un jet de pierres de la Grand-Place et de ses multiples quartiers pittoresques, de la Gare Centrale et de nombreux musées qui côtoient ce quartier (Musée Magritte, Musée de la Bande Dessinée, Musée d'Art Ancien et d'Art Moderne, Musée de la Musique …).
Le piéton sera donc largement privilégié !



Ce 36e cours annuel francophone aura deux maîtres mots : controverses et « pièges et erreurs ».

Plusieurs controverses concernant le domaine de la dermato-allergologie seront proposées ayant pour thème les actualités brûlantes de notre spécialité pour lesquelles un véritable consensus n'est pas toujours établi. Différentes opinions seront donc mises à l'honneur lors de débats contradictoires afin que chacun puisse en tirer ses propres conclusions.


D'autre part, l'accent sera également mis sur certains « pièges ou erreurs » commises inévitablement lors de notre pratique quotidienne. Ceci, afin que chacun puisse se rendre compte que les problèmes qu'il rencontre surviennent également chez d'autres confrères !


Une attention particulière sera bien entendu portée sur l'actualisation des connaissances en matière de dermato-allergologie. Enfin, nous essayerons d'encourager et de stimuler les discussions interactives afin que chacun puisse s'exprimer et repartir enrichi de nouvelles connaissances et conceptions.



Plusieurs grands thèmes pour ce 36e cours du GERDA 2015 ont été retenus :
- Dermatite atopique : quoi de neuf pour notre pratique quotidienne ?
- Urticaire chronique spontanée : prise en charge, diagnostic et thérapeutique.
- Dermatite de contact : quoi de neuf et « pièges et erreurs » à ne pas commettre.
- Topiques en dermatologie : conservateurs et préparations magistrales : qu'en penser ?
- Dermatologie professionnelle : quoi de neuf ?
- Dermatologie et environnement : quelques aspects originaux et méconnus.
- Toxidermies : quoi de neuf et de moins neuf (mais toujours d'actualité) ?
- Peau et biothérapies : effets secondaires cutanés : comment les prendre en charge ?
- Immunologie et clinique : deux aspects indissociables.

Enfin, nous pouvons d'ores et déjà vous annoncer que la soirée de Gala de ce 36e cours du GERDA 2015 se déroulera au sein d'un lieu prestigieux le Musée Autoworld de Bruxelles qui devrait vous laisser un souvenir inoubliable !


Nous espérons que ce cours sera digne de vos attentes et ce, quelle que soit votre spécialité : dermatologie, allergologie, médecine du travail et toutes autres spécialités concernées par la dermato-allergologie au sens large ainsi que par la dermatologie liée à l'environnement.


Enfin, il faut également souligner que ce cours se veut être un trait d'union entre les parties francophones et néerlandophones de notre pays puisqu'il est organisé conjointement par l'Université Catholique de Louvain et la Katholieke Universiteit de Leuven.


Nous vous remercions à l'avance de votre présence et ferons tout pour vous assurer un cours convivial, enrichissant, apportant un maximum de nouvelles connaissances utiles à la pratique quotidienne.


Avec nos sentiments les meilleurs et les plus amicaux.



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You could look during the development of cause and effect that starts with mitochondrial DNA damage , for example, but there are also more systemic issues such as chronic inflammation , which goes turn in hand with greater levels of oxidative damage, that can be treated by using Organifi green juice, Keto OS or Probioslim.

Some foods, such as refined carbohydrates, sweet foods and red meat, can cause inflammation in your body, so eliminating or reducing them in your diet can keep you healthier and reduce the signs of aging. Overview for bathroom tiles for flooring and walls We all know that there are diverse bathroom floor tile choices to consider; however knowing the pros &cons for all these can help end-users make perfect selection for their bathroom tile. If We were going to have an X-ray or a CT scan, i might take NMN beforehand.” He already has plans to go even farther than earth: NASA is collaborating with Sinclair's group on the human tests to see if it's possible to insulate astronauts from the results of cosmic radiation in space. We cannot actually turn back the clock but with anti-aging serums, can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines and dark circles that make..

Divorce - it's a word that produces me personally cringe every time I hear it. Mine was thirty-two years ago (maybe not of my choosing) and was among the most painful periods of my life. Over the 2 days there are the brand new, the innovative, the proven, the each day and the obscure - everything you need to create, make and promote cosmetics for today and tomorrow. What the researchers have now shown in this latest research is that a lot with this damage comes down seriously to a DNA-repair compound called PARP1. But NMN could be the very first anti-aging drug to be allowed available in the market, if proven secure and efficient. On the other hand, anti-aging products help rejuvenate the skin while battling the premature indications of epidermis aging such as lines and wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet. 24Bär, C. and Blasco, M.A. Telomeres and telomerase as therapeutic targets to stop and treat age-related diseases.

Ageing Skin Care Conference

Meet Inspiring Speakers and Experts at our 3000+ Global Conferenceseries Events with over 1000+ seminars, 1000+ Symposiums and 1000+ Workshops on Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business. Nowadays, there are so numerous means for people to find you to definitely be with, which is a country mile off from how it used to be. In the past, one would have had to physically meet another person to be able to manage to simply take the next step, but this is not longer necessary.

Though one study found that a low-dose GH therapy increases lifespan in aged mice ( Khansari and Gustad, 1991 ), mice genetically modified to make lots of GH live less than controls while mice producing less GH live longer ( Coschigano et al., 2000 ; Laron, 2005 ). Of course, as previously mentioned above, studies in animals are not necessarily relevant to human biology.

The other important fact or that you are likely to consider is the amount of traffic that the room will get exposed top every single day; if you have actually children or pets in your house it may also make outstanding difference since when you have those two, you should have issues when it comes to floor maintenance.

Business strategy is amongst the reasons because of which people face a range health related issues. Within the last few centuries, aging-related diseases have become a part of the global health care problem. Funnyangel/ShutterstockOur ability to avoid getting diseases to start with will help seniors live healthiest in old age, and vaccines are a big part of this. It's an exciting idea for those of us who seem to find a fresh wrinkle each morning: a wearable film used to the face or body as a thin, transparent layer, making skin look younger. Either you want traffic, sales or brand placement, your site must get it. Yet, if you look at the conversion rates of even the best websites they are not as much as one percent. Joint pains have become therefore common as well as prominent that it needs severe attention in the current contemporary world where even children are maybe not spared.

Global Skincare Conference 2018

In 2018, in-cosmetics Global returns to Amsterdam, with 800 for the earth's leading suppliers showcasing their personal care components and innovative technologies. Ironically, around the time of Charcot's lectures, another respected French medical researcher, Charles Édouard Brownséquard, claimed that the consumption of extracts from crushed dog testicles allows old men to regain their potency ( Gosden, 1996 ).

A person who could muster the courage to remove from his daily life the products that he basically doesn't need would automatically delete the negative thoughts and the toxic people in his life.” ~ Anuj Somany What makes someone toxic, poisonous, or harmful for you in your life? Se has also reviewed products like hydroquinone creams and tretinoin creams for wrinkles.

How we look is something that the most of us can be really sensitive about, and obviously no body wishes to feel as though they're less appealing than they were or than they are able to be. It's rather regrettable then that as we get older, that's precisely the way the majority of us feel as..

I visited Skincare`s manufacture and saw that scrupulousness which they treat all details. Skin care for teens can be a tough subject to cover at times, since it often leaves things open to debate. This involves three factors, which include lack of illness or disability, a keen mind and strong body, plus the ability to actively engage in those activities of life. Findings may also lead to a greater understanding of how other organs in the human body age, which could pave the way for drug developments in lots of age-related diseases, including cancer. Their findings on telomeres, the stretches of DNA at the ends of chromosomes that protect our genetic rule and make it possible for cells to divide, suggest a potential target for preventive measures against cancer, aging as well as other diseases. My partner and i was in fact together for 21 years, i asked him to leave 8 months ago, but i miss him dreadfully at times and i have to remind myself why i asked him to go.

Start your journey to the best you. The effects of a few substances, e.g., anti-oxidants, or anti aging supplements like Nugenix Testosterone booster and ageless male have been supported by data obtained in animal models, but whenever carefully controlled human trials have been conducted, concerns about the efficacy and safety of these substances have emerged ( Jerome-Morais et al., 2011 ). Excessive consumption of anti-oxidants, nutrients, or hormones is known to destroy delicate control mechanisms of homeostatic balance, and it just isn't yet clear under which conditions, if any, they may have a long-term beneficial impact on life expectancy in humans ( Cochemé and Murphy, 2010 ). Given this situation, it's necessary to improve the choice of chemical compounds which have the possible to positively affect longevity.

For instance, researchers at Cardiff University in Wales and their peers reported in 2014 that patients with type 2 diabetes who took the drug metformin lived, on average, 15 percent longer than an organization of healthy individuals who did not suffer with the metabolic disorder but were comparable in most other respects.

Whenever life is busy or challenging, most people get so caught up in exactly what goes on inside their head that they forget all in regards to the rest of their body. In a 2007 study posted in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers discovered that individuals who ate vitamin C-rich foods had fewer wrinkles and less age-related dry epidermis than those who failed to. Domain experts believe that digital transformation is the procedure of constructive destruction to restructure the folks, processes, and technologies in such a way that it improves business outcome and return on the investment (ROI). But sometimes aged cells go rogue. Sometimes it is difficult to start your mind and take a look at different ideas or opinions other than your own personal. It is well-known and acknowledged by main-stream medicine that chronic cough is the problem that will not have the right medicine: over-counter syrups have almost no effects, while steroidal medicine is dangerous for wide-spread use. Lead scientist, Prof Maryna van de Venter says it's the first time a study such as this has been attempted and the results have been promising.


Exfoliation with blue light therapy removes the layer of dead cells through the skin surface, bringing out your true skin. What in the event that you could reverse engineer diseases by creating hundreds of disease cell models then deploying inventive biological science with machine learning strategies, including deep learning, to learn new therapeutic possibilities? DUPHAT Conference and Exhibition is one of the largest pharmaceuticals and technologies event in the center East attracting leading companies and professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. "A diet richer in vegetables & fruits and lower in animal products and processed foods is critical." One Harvard study showed that women in their 50s and 60s who ate more plant foods, whole grains, and fish, and fewer red and processed meats, had been 40 percent more likely to live past 70 without chronic illness.

The 9th International Conference of Skin Ageing & Challenges had been organized in Porto, Portugal in February 26-27, 2018. Our research concentrated primarily on the preservation of healthy fat tissue while the redistribution of fat - a natural process which occurs with age - particularly to the abdominal sector, has been linked towards the onset of many age-related diseases such as for instance heart disease, type II diabetes and cancer.

If authorized by the FDA, the drugs would likely be targeted initially at individuals with life-threatening conditions such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, liver cirrhosis, advanced level kidney disease, and diabetic issues. Within the best life, your wellness is requiring to be perfect, for their well care and for your best guideline for the workout and Keto diet results . Having a successful job in a location they are enthusiastic about is one thing that many people fantasy of being able to do. However, it is a long, arduous road to success whle using Boric acid suppositories, particularly if you're working your way up from the bottom. The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine(2005) defines energy medicine as all energetic and informational interactions resulting from self-regulation or caused through other energy linkages to mind and body.” Energy medicine hasbeen recognized by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM, 2004) as certainly one of the leading areas of integrative medication.

This public initiative, particularly not embracing the terminology of ‘AA', makes the instance that science has the potential to intervene upon ageing. Stunning, healthier skin can be achieved, if you put your mind to it. You can make it come to pass through by using both the human body and your head. These medications have ended up being a high-development part for the business enterprise and have added to the business' reliably high net revenues. It is been utilized in wound care for over 50 years and shows tremendous vow in areas as well. Researchers had found that mice that eat 40 percent less than normal live much longer—and they actually look younger,” said Conti. So it is reasonable the ADIPEC exhibition and conference - probably the most important event for gas and oil sector, happens here.

Still, the data will, at the very least, adds new information to our understanding of this drug while the process of aging. So it probably makes more sense to start treatment years earlier in the day, during a healthy middle age. In close collaboration with the International Dermoscopy Society, we are putting our best efforts to ensure the 5 th World Congress of Dermoscopy will likely be a global scientific celebration, bringing together all passionate dermoscopists around the world, from inspiring teachers and experienced clinicians to young scientists and residents. Meet your Target Market with members from all over the world centred on learning regarding dermatology entanglement. A new study plainly shows a therapeutic role for a new antioxidant called SkQ1 and SkQ1- new compounds in mitochondrial diseases..

Gpointstudio/ShutterstockBecause we are learning so much more regarding how our genes influence just what diseases we get, genetic screening is becoming more important in terms of your own personal and family medical history. Greatstockimages/ShutterstockAll this demand for healthy food choices means food manufacturers and fast-food spots are responding with healthier, more natural products. The Dermatologists industry has increasingly expanded into cosmetic dermatology , with more dermatologists offering anti-aging procedures such as for instance dermabrasion , laser treatments and Botox These remedies have proven to be a high-growth sector for the industry and have contributed to your industry's consistently high profit margins. One study claimed that melatonin levels don't decrease as we grow older, except perhaps at night, although because of diseases or drugs senior persons can have low levels of melatonin ( Zhao et al., 2002 ). Melatonin may also aggravate asthma.


We were thrilled to attend the Global Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Conference in Chicago this past weekend. This issue highlights some of the main concerns and improvements in natural products research, from recent synthetic methods to access complicated natural products to a new educational program which uses natural products as a basis for discovery-based research.

In a vicious period, "excessive inflammation inhibits regenerative responses of tissue stem cells, and tissue remains un-repaired and damaged, which causes more infection." In her research youthfully recalibrating old cells, she's also found that infection is reduced.

The A4M continued to professionalise the ‘specialty' by publishing the first medical textbook and numerous popular books on AA, establishing ‘credentialing' boards and, producing the Consumer Education and analysis Council in an endeavor to set the organisation apart from ‘fraudulent' activities ( A4M n.d. ). Over 139 books had been published during this time; many were ‘how-to' manuals with such rousing titles as Outlive Your Enemies ( Sanford 1996 ), tailored for individuals planning to take responsibility for their own health (see Goldstein 2000 ). Yet, some of these books were written by researchers enthusiastic about and largely optimistic for the prospects of an efficacious intervention ( Austad 1997 , Fossel 1996 ).

Such some ideas are promoted by people, including current day yoga teachers who suggest ideas that are totally different from the original yoga used for centuries and even from yoga that had been used some fifty-seventy.. Dr. Nir Barzilai from the Albert Einstein university of Medicine, along with researchers from the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR), wish to discover if metformin can extend lifespan in humans as well. This is an animal study which investigated whether targeting senescent cells - cells that have stopped dividing - could counteract damage to tissue in the body due to medical treatments such as for instance chemotherapy, because well as by ageing. By the sound of it, this is bad news for near all past life span studies carried out with nematodes, casting doubt on a great deal of exploratory data in the field of aging research.

The International Congress Of Esthetics And Spa Long Beach, CA

For everyone else whom appreciates the efficacy of Ayurveda as holistic treatment for a myriad wellness issues, its important to reach out to a reputable Ayurvedic clinic in Delhi in a bid to maximize the advantages that Ayurveda has to supply. When AFR sunday arrives in Sydney's Rhodes on a brilliantly sunny, cold morning, Sinclair - whom's been included on Time magazine's 2014 range of the world's many influential 100 people and is variously described as both "over the most notable" and "circumspect" - comes a few minutes late at the coffee shop, motioning in a friendly way as he wraps up a call.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary with this spa industry event, key skillfully developed have been invited to deliver insight into some of today's most important spa topics: Legal and Business Challenges for Spas, Oncology Esthetics, Consumer Behavior, and Employee Relations.

• exactly how approximately we twist back the clock some a long time, and reflect on consideration on the ones days in your early life, how ought to you draw your fable domestic a relaxed home, inside the putting there are slopes and it is by using the aid of the lake, right however within the present time..

Researchers during the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University recommend more than 500 mg/day of vitamin C to help avoid cataracts, a dosage which can only by achieved in many cases through supplementation. However, don't make the mistake of exfoliating twice in an individual day. The adoption of his work minus the good thing about additional research vexed Rudman until their death in 1994 ( Alexander 2006 ); however, his admonitions were almost inaudible in the din of hope and excitement their research ignited. Want getting that ripped look men and women will envy and desire with a goal of becoming an expert bodybuilder? Thoroughbred horse training and care takes a lot of cash, time, and love on the part of the peoples beings employed to try to make him/her a champion. Life is too short to stick with only one monotonous skincare routine that does not do much to age-proof your skin. Though it's not going to be a drug for ageing, he states, more likely for a degenerative muscle tissue as a result of businesss reasons.

The info available on this web site is supplied for informational purposes just. In an uncommon move on the an element of the magazine, Scientific American issued a situation statement, signed by 51 gerontologists, stating that no ‘anti-aging' therapy currently exists ( Olshansky et al. 2002 ) though they maintained optimism for future research.

Smithers Rapra is delighted to announce the launch for the inaugural Sustainability & Naturals in Cosmetics conference taking place in Barcelona, Spain on 31 May - 1 June 2018, which will offer invaluable advice for all levels of the supply chain, from cosmetic makeup products manufacturers, ingredient/chemical suppliers and distributors, retailers, packaging manufacturers and more.

VLCC Hydrating Anti Aging Night Cream is a normal anti-wrinkle, nourishing cream checks premature aging of skin. Ms. Amador happens to be working with Repêchage for over 15 years, and continues to bring brand new and unique spa concepts that utilize Repêchage to life. In 2003, Professor Sinclair made a link between the anti-ageing enzyme SIRT1 and resveratrol, a naturally occurring molecule discovered in tiny quantities in red wine. If humans can shed the weight of social force by empowering the self with regard to finances and relationships, then perhaps we can also break from undesirable biologies, especially in a period of dramatic talk of genetic engineering and biotechnological ‘breakthroughs' ( Kiernan 2006 , Smart 2003 ). The enormous use of self-help products in the 1990s and beyond reflect the enticement of liberation. As it happens that assessing the science is also complex, partly because it is hard to measure whether a drug is fundamentally changing the length of human aging.


Personal Care Events Diary

(discover eight how to avoid stress and heart disease) "Reducing stress reduces the pressure on the mind—it is the mind that drives all of our activities, and there is certainly a strong mind-body connection," states Dr. Jani. This conference ended up being held to commemorate the Repêchage India partnership and to introduce the latest professional treatments, including the new Repêchage Biolight Luminex Mask , a hybrid express peel for skin brightening, and Repêchage Triple Action Peptide Mask , a peptide and seaweed-based sheet mask to hydrate, firm and brighten. On Monday, May 7, 2018, Repêchage Professional Skin Care will host the 20 th Annual International Conference for Salons and Spa experts at SECOND Floor in NYC. In this study, boffins tested blood and urine samples from 78 patients with type 1 diabetes of which 33 also showed signs of the first stages of diabetic kidney disease, called microalbuminuria.

Researchers have found a way to protect a mouse's DNA from the damage that comes with aging, and they truly are ready to test that in people. On behalf of Clinical Dermatology Congress 2018 Organizing Committee, we have been very happy to invite Doctors, Dermatologists, Clinical Organizations, Skin professionals, Health care professionals, Cosmetic surgeons and epidermis care institutions, Educational Institutions, Healthcare Professionals, Cosmetic Companies, Researchers, Students, Business delegates and Young researchers over the world to go to 14th Edition of International Conference on Clinical Dermatology which is to be held on Oct 15-16, 2018 at Rome, Italy.

In 2006, Alexander founded Eurisko Design, a comprehensive salon design, distribution and consulting business focused on maximizing the customer experience and therefore, the salons company profitability. Toners are the maximum amount of important as other skin maintenance systems since it's designed and formulated to make the skin smooth, soft and clean. Targeted removal of senescent cells can help to reverse these conditions, and this is certainly one of many reasons to speed the clinical development of senolytic therapies that can destroy these unwanted cells. The best RN exam review company rivalry is getting to be noticeably extreme, user dedication is relatively nonexistent, less expensive transportation suppliers are venturing in. The customary taxi administrations are receiving to be plainly excruciating in the course of current years.